Get People On Board — Or You Could Fail Entirely

If the person closest to us is not on board with our goals, we invest in them until they naturally come on board.

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If they’re not, they’ll be dragging you down.

We can cut some people from our lives, but not everyone.

They might not be on board now, but we’ll get them there.

It all starts with communication.

If you can’t communicate your goal, that’s your fault.

They don’t get it until they can repeat it back to you.

Repeating your goal back to you isn’t enough. They have to be on board.

Invest completely in your partner first.

We’re gonna do this right.

You might achieve your goals at the cost of your relationship.

If your partner doesn’t have goals, make sure they’re on board with yours.

It doesn’t matter if my goals get put on hold.

The last part of sharing goals is getting accountability.

They’re willing to be right there next to you suffering for the goal.

We still need to learn to be held personally accountable.

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