What I don’t get about the Mail-In-Ballot Conspiracy

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A lot of Conservatives seem to think that voting by mail is a bad idea because votes will get literaly thrown out.

There have been reports of this happening, so I don’t disagree with that.

It’s a possibility.

A lot of Liberals seem to not mind the idea of voting by mail.

They want to avoid getting COVID, which is also reasonable to me.

What I don’t get is why Conservatives think that if Trump loses, it’s because of an error (conspiracy) in the Mail-In-Voting.

As a copywriter, I know people don’t really think logically at first.

Humans are emotional first.

Logic comes second.

So, let’s take a look at it.

NOTE: I am only looking at ONE conspiracy in this article. There are lots of them out there. This article is for only ONE of them.

Here’s the conspiracy I keep hearing from Trump supporters in my “bubble”:

If Trump loses the election, it’s because of vote tampering from the Mail-In Ballots.

Here’s where it loses the logic:

If Trump voters ARE NOT voting by mail, and Biden voters ARE voting by mail, then any mail-in ballots getting thrown out would be Biden votes.

So, if Trump loses, it’s because SO MANY Biden voters showed up in person that even the thrown out Mail-In Ballots from Biden supporters still added up to more votes.

Because, again, in this conspiracy the Trump voters ARE NOT voting by mail.

What would it take for the conspiracy to be true?

If Trump loses because of a Mail-In-Ballot throw-out conspiracy, then it would have to mean:

  1. A lot of ballots had been thrown out.
  2. A lot of Trump supporters voted by mail instead of in person.
  3. A lot of Biden supporters voted in person instead of by mail.

What If the Conspiracy is True but Trump Wins?

By the logic, if the conspiracy is TRUE and Trump WINS, it’s likely BECAUSE of Mail-In Ballot throw outs.

If Trump supporters vote in person and Biden supporters vote by mail, and Mail-In Ballots are the ones being thrown out, then Biden may have lost BECAUSE of the throw outs.

The Reality Is…

…If Trump loses the election, it’s not because Mail-In Ballots were thrown out.

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